Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stopping after all?

After just over three weeks on Cellcept I may be stopping after all. The last couple of days I had a burning and tingling sensation over my trunk and neck. I felt little confidence in using the drug after talking to the pharmacist and the derm. Part of the problem of using this off-label is the lack of studies with psoriasis patients. Besides, as my wife says, I am experiencing all of the side effects without any of the benefits. My skin is breaking out badly day by day. Not sure if I can make it too much longer as it is.

What's next? Maybe back on Soriatane+NUVB? That's not a great solution, but I don't worry about immune suppression that way (at least from the inside). Or back to Cyclosporine--but it's only been less than six months since stopping it after thirteen months continual therapy.

Ah, the life of a severe psoriatic. I need a different gig!