Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Psoriasis and Moving

[Originally written 8/30/06]

From about week 6 to now, week 11, the psoriasis has been up and down. Sometimes it flattens and the color of the sores begin to resolve. Other times the lesions become quite red and raised. Very few of the original lesions are actually gone completely. I had expected these five weeks on the cyclosporine therapy to bring near complete clearing. But it seems that I have hit a plateau. Sideways. No forward progress.

However, my condition today is at least 50% better, if not more, than when I first started. The side effects are tolerable, any changes in blood work or blood pressure is inconsequential over a relatively short time. Why am I so obsessed with clearing? Certainly my expectations and prior experience have something to do with it.

Last time around I was clear by now. I ramped quickly up to 350mg of Neoral (or about 5.0 mg/kg/day). Dr. Koo suggested that dose and felt that I should have no less than that much. This time around, since I am in the process of moving and settling down, I haven’t had regular access to my dermatologists. Without closer supervision I feel uneasy to increase the dose on my own.

No doubt moving from the Northwest AND Northern California to Southern California has created enough stress to cause me to break out. Having peace in my heart and mind about psoriasis--and other aspects of my life--will help my overall health. I always felt that if I had enough drugs then I could live whatever lifestyle I wanted. Now I see how foolish that path is.